Spirits on Stone

Lake Superior Ojibwa History, Legends, & the Agawa Pictographs

Spirits on Stone
In 2010, I rewrote and published a new edition of Spirits on Stone – Lake Superior Ojibwa History, Legends & the Agawa Pictographs.

Using oral history collected from the descendants of the original shaman artists who left their dreams on Agawa Rock on the Lake Superior shoreline, this book presents Ojibwa pictographs in their true cultural settings. The rock art comes from a world of rituals, secret vision quests, and interaction with the spirital realm.

Spirits on Stone preserves the Shingwaukonce Ojibwa family traditions about the Agawa Pictographs and the aboriginal history of Lake Superior. This book brings to life aboriginal art with the previously unrevealed, secret history of the sacred site. Folklore and legends collected from Ojibwa elders help create insights into their world.

Agawa Bay; Agawa Rock
Agawa Bay; Visiting Agawa Rock in 2014

Amazingly, the original edition of Spirits on Stone sold over three thousand copies. This updated version expands the legends and oral history collected from the Lake Superior Ojibwa in the 1970s and 1980s. The new book also describes the Dog River pictographs located at the mouth of the Dog or University River west of Wawa as well as other rock art sites on Lake Superior. Many rare historical photographs showing Ojibwa life over a century ago are published for the first time in Spirits on Stone.

Quotes from Spirits on Stone

“Lightening cannot be killed. Lightening was one of Shingwauk’s gifts.
Shingwauk was a quickening spirit.”
Dan Pine
Ojibwa Spiritual Leader
“One mark on the rocks is a tremendous amount of meaning...
It’s an effort on your soul by the spirits.”
Fred Pine
Ojibwa Spiritual Leader
Photos (left to right): Fred Pine; copies of the Agawa Pictographs;
Dan Pine and Thor Conway; pictograph copy of healers and drums